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International Delhi Public School - Proddatur

IDPS- Proddatur is a CBSE K-12 school established by the region’s leaders in the education arena known for being the frontrunners in the technical education sector of the region.

The school is established to lead the change in the school education scenario of the region by introducing the culture of holistic education. With an uncompromising stance on the need for overall development in the schooling years, the school is established to provide intensive academic training along with extensive exposure to children.

Education at International Delhi Public School Proddatur is globally informed in terms of infrastructure, instructional facilities, faculty, technology and pedagogy, and the school provides the much needed access to comprehensive education to the children of the region.

The school is committed to bring in best practices in education and acclimatize the children early on for the rigors of the knowledge economy of the 21st century thus channelling excellent human resource capable of leading the economy and society.


“To lead the way towards global education in the region and integrate education with development of creative intellect, personality and character building.”


“To infuse 21st century skills in school education and provide early platform for manifestation of child’s potentialities.”


“Authoring academic equity in the region by recalibrating the standards and expanding the dimensions of education through guided exposure to the world and enhancement of the learning outcomes through intensive engagement with the children.”


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