Curriculum @ IDPS

The curriculum at the International Delhi Public School Proddatur takes into account the different styles of cognition and learning, and its implementation is aligned with modern pedagogical principles. The learning outcomes are enhanced through collaborative instruction, and well-researched curriculum solutions are employed for advancement of the curricular goals.

Theory of Multiple Intelligences (ToMI) is applied as the pedagogical tool to better the receptiveness of the students and mark a shift from the conventional rote learning approach. The pedagogical approach is chosen for its proven efficacy in delivering better learning outcomes and its effectiveness in building career consciousness in children.

Use of technology is integral to the classroom lectures and methodical lesson plans unfold with the implementation of teaching aids. The emphasis is on making the classrooms interactive and teaching-learning process enjoyable without compromising on the academic rigor.

Development of the 21st century skills is central to the academic exercise at the school and achievement in the acquisition of such skills is factored in the assessment modules. Along with that the children are provided with individual attention and critical thinking is promoted among them.

The academic ecosystem is propelled through both collaborative and competitive exercises and the school orients and subsequently prepares students for competitive examinations.

The academic environment is made more vibrant by digitally assisted workshops and educational excursions etc. These activities aim at increasing the child participation in the process of learning. With the inclusion of state of the art laboratories for math, science, language and computers, learning acquires a new dimension at the International Delhi Public School.


We believe, model classrooms are collaborative and highly interactive and we focus on achieving it. To that end, teachers are trained in recognizing patterns of child behaviour and also in ways of organizing the classroom for maximum instructional efficiency. The teachers possess adequate qualification in the subject matter and also in the modern pedagogical methodologies, especially ToMI.

The faculty is well versed in the use of digital technology and designing of effective lesson plans and are accustomed to the use of teaching aids to achieve desired learning outcomes. Besides that, the teachers are masterful communicators and are empathetic towards the students.

At International Delhi Public School, teachers’ role is not confined to the classroom, it goes beyond it. The teachers here are the mentors, guides and friends to the students. They impart not just subject lessons but life lessons with their depth of involvement in the process of the development of the child.

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